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Camera shy?

Wedding photos are a passionate eternalisation of fleeting moments of happiness. But people often complain they are not photogenic and are often anxious in front of the camera. Well, I'd even go further to say that shaking out the jitters from the couple is the hardest part of the whole process. It’s a tough ask to not worry at all. Of course, it is the most important day of your life, and you need to have it glamorous, content, and full of joy. That is why I’m here to make you feel comfortable and help you through the whole thing. 

Gorgeous couples! Put your worries aside and just serve looks!! Because my guide for posing will bring the best out of you! Dare I say that you will be so relaxed with this guide that you will forget you are in the spotlight and immortalising your happiness!


Feel Awkward? Embrace it!

I know that you are nervous, feeling your heart beating so fast that you can hear it! The nervousness of the wedding and the consciousness of the camera can be nerve-wracking. You will feel awkward and even shy for most of the time. But I always say it to all my couples, embrace it all! Just be lost in the moment of love and embrace every awkward feeling. This will bring forth candidness, and all your consciousness will sweep away in the embrace of your partner, love in the air and elegance of my photos.


Know the Photographer:

You are the star of the day. Swept away by music and starstruck by each other's glam. Capturing this timeless moment needs to be perfect. For this relaxation that no moment of magic will be forgotten, having the right photographer is the key. It is essential to feel comfortable around your photographer. 

Having a discussion over coffee with the photographer can help you break the ice. Talking about the proposal, the wedding venue, and the start of the romance can give a personalised touch to the event for the photographer and really build a budding friendship. It will feel like someone close to taking your photos not just some stranger doing another of his project.


Trust the Process!

You have put too much effort scrambling and scrolling to find the best photographer for you! Now it's time to relax and trust your choices! It will help you to take a back seat and enjoy your big day! The photographer is there to create elegant, light, romantic, and timeless photos. Remember, you have chosen them because you loved their work, so, trust the process and take a deep breath, you are in the best hands that will take care of you to look like a model from a magazine cover! You just have to walk down the aisle, say your vows, and be in an eternal embrace with the love of your life!


In all the dazzling lights, hearty laughter, popping champagnes, and budding romance, remember you are in control! Communication is necessary for smooth sailing. Have an open discussion with your partner about the poses, photography style and the look of your album. But treat the photographer like a genie who will fulfil your wishes! Treat the photographer like a friend and tell him everything. After having a clear conversation, you will just have to live in the moment and leave decadent photos up to your photographer.

Step Away for Some Alone Time! 

In the festivities of the wedding, the couple appreciates getting some alone time away from the guests. This is a perfect opportunity to capture some of the most intimate moments between the couple. Just get lost in the tenderness of your partner, get frisky, and forget about the photographer. Be candid and forget the existence of the photographer. For this reason, I always advice the couple (and become the perfect excuse!) to get some time away from the spotlight!

Be Yourself and Have Fun!

While it is necessary to have tender and classy photos, the most important thing is to enjoy your big day! The best way to be candid is to not force anything. Just be light-hearted, joke around, giggle, dance, and have fun. Focus on your partner and think of the raw passion and love you have for each other. Let the photographer work his magic to make you the cover model of the magazine! 

If you are still nervous, having a portrait session before the wedding can help you relax and feel at ease. Remember I'm the friend you can lean on for your wishes and feel comfortable! My photography is airy, light, and elegant. You will feel immersed in a documentary without doing anything! 


If I'm the right photographer for you, please feel free to reach out for more information and we can plan your dream day together.

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